Roofing Turbine Ventilators

We are offering our Roofing Turbine Ventilators that are efficient in controlling the quality of air present inside by displacing the various indoor pollutants. And along with it, they can also be used for the purpose of humidification. With an ability to withstand any type of harsh natural conditions, they are manufactured by making the use steal bearings. The surface of the ventilator that is exposed to the open air is made of aluminium. This helps in making it resistant to any change in climatic conditions. These ventilators have tamper proof packaging that keeps them safe and unspoiled from any type of outer damage. Added to it, they are furnished with UV stabilized powder coatings to provide it a long lasting trait.
Added features
  • These turbine ventilators are completely erosion and dust proof.
  • Being light weighted, they are easy to install at any place.
  • They can swiftly ventilates toxic and harmful gases from any type of area.
  • These ventilators require less maintenance cost and have high durability.

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